Family "Camping"

We decided to go on a little family adventure in November. The original thought was to try our hand at camping. Then it got cold and we chickened out. So we opted for a hike and picnic and then a night at a hotel (yay for using Mon Amour's travel points to score some sweet free vacations).

Trying S'mores.  Hibou likes them. Papillon prefers her marshmallows untoasted and separate from the rest of her treats.


We took the girls on a brief "hike", but had made the mistake of telling them about the hotel in advance. So Papillon spent the entire time asking if it was time to "go to the hotel and watch TV yet".  Clearly we need to get outdoors more often....

Eventually we did head to the hotel. And after a lovely cozy night, we did a bit of non-wilderness exploring. 

This particular adventure came with endless ice cream samples. Huzzah! 

What is it about kids in overalls that are so darn adorable?

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