Holiday Break

It is not like I have posted that much this month anyway, but just so you don't think I have completely dropped off the face of the earth or gotten debilitating morning sickness or something, I thought I would make an official announcement.

There will be no more blogging until after Christmas. Perhaps even until after the new year.

But I will be back, I promise. And when I do come back there will be lots of pictures of our adventures, and probably some pictures of the little baby bump too. So be sure to check back.


We went to my parent's house this weekend for an early Christmas celebration. It was lots of fun. More on that later. For now, let me show you how much Marge likes my parent's house.

At home Marge is not allowed on the furniture. Ever. Never. Okay, maybe once when I was severely sick and Marge had Pink Eye making her eye swell up to the almost shut point and making her really pathetic looking, we may have taken a sick day and snuggled on the bed all day long. But other than that, no furniture for Marge.

At my parent's house we bend those rules. (yeah, not so good for the consistency, oh well).

Marge loves the sofas. And actually tucks herself under the blankets.

Yeah, she got under there by herself.

Her nose gets particularly cold, as demonstrated above.

She was pretty much in heaven.

And who could refuse such an adorable face a seat on the sofa?

Food Preferences

I think that the word "craving" would be too strong a word; however Munchkin has made me quite particular about what foods I do and do not want to eat. No food is neutral any more. I either would really love to eat it, or just won't bother eating it at all.

I have not decided if this is a legitimate symptom, or simply me embracing my lazy side, using Munchkin as an excuse. Who knows.

Here are a few things that, thanks to Munchkin, I have very much enjoyed.

Don't worry, it doesn't have that much caffeine. And I don't have it that often.

Edit: Mon Amour thought that it was important that I point out that when I tasted this chai for the first time a couple weeks ago, I full expected to enjoy it moderately, and casually sip it while I worked. However, I took one sip, and it tasted so good, that I had to push aside work for a few minutes and just savor the tea. For all I know, someone could have called me during that time and I don't think I would have even heard the phone ring. It was the best thing I think I have ever tasted. (Since then I have enjoyed it, but managed to keep my head on straight while eating it.)

Single handedly ate a whole box in 3 days. At least my cholesterol should be in good shape.

Bring on the dairy. The creamy, whole milk kind. Or pretty much anything dairy for that matter.

There are also some things that, thanks to Munchkin, I do not enjoy very much:

Yup. It seems I have a moderate to strong aversion to all those vegetables that are good for Munchkin. My determination to eat healthy for Munchkin's sake was short lived. I still try, but honestly, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, etc are just not something I can get real excited about right now.

Blog-Changing Announcement

Or rather life changing I suppose.

I would like to introduce our little Munchkin!
Yup, it's true. There is a real live little baby growing inside me, and making me all kinds of hungry (and happy!).

Munchkin is currently a little bigger than a grape, and looks mostly like a little blob. But Munchkin is healthy and growing, and we love him/her already!

Munchkin should make his/her grand appearance sometime mid July.
In the mean time, you can probably expect less cow posts and more baby posts in the future. It's going to be fun times!

Cow Eyes

How can you not love those big sweet, sad, smelly cow eyes?

All grown up

Remember Bert and Ernie? (Also, remember that until recently I have had their names backwards. Black face = Ernie. White Face = Bert. I was wrong for a long time)

Remember how they were all cute and tiny when we first met them?

Here they are a few weeks ago:

It's hard to tell from these pictures I suppose, but they really are growing up. They are rather sizeable young cows now.

And still best friends. They follow each other everywhere (most Ernie (black face) follows Bert (white face, aka Fatso))

Nose Dive

Marge does this funny thing when we put her face harness on to tell us that she doesn't like it. She plants her nose on the ground and starts pushing her face along the carpet. She also does it outside sometimes in the grass.

I have always just assumed she was trying to get her harness off. Then I read somewhere that that is what dogs do when they find a scent that they like and they want to remember it, or mark it with their scent, or whatever.

I still think that for the most part Marge is simply making her displeasure known. But for the particular instance in the video, it was definitely a fun smell thing.

Unfortunately, said fun smell was actually deer scat or something similar. Clearly though, I realized this too late. Suddenly it was time for an unscheduled bath.

Sharing the Space Heater

It has gotten quite cold of late, so when I am working from home, I break out my trusty space heater. It is easier (and quieter) than the stove, and warmer than our baseboard heat.

I really enjoy it.

So does Marge.

Remember how she is actually cold blooded?

Yeah, she hasn't grown out of that.

She sits right in front of it blocking all the heat from getting to me, and pretty much scorching her fur in the process.

Sometimes I move her just to make sure she doesn't catch fire. And also so that I can get some heat. But how can you disturb a puppy with such a sad face?

She looks so innocent when she is cold.

Magically Calming Face Harness

Marge spent a lot of last weekend in her "Halti"

aka her Magically Calming Face Harness.

Its purpose is not to keep her from biting (she actually has full range of motion with her mouth). It is mostly intended to keep her from pulling when we take her for walks (and it works wonders for that).

But when around the house (namely my parent's house) and when she is tempted to torment my parent's elderly dog, it is wonderfully helpful for just calming her down.

She can be crazy one minute; you put the harness on, and suddenly she is an adorably pathetic bundle of lovable fluff.

We try not to abuse the power of the Magically Calming Face Harness. It may lose its power from over use one day. But until then, it's a lifesaver.