December Highlights

December was full of fun adventures. 

We returned to our library's mini children's museum, which we had neglected unintentionally for some time.  It was a refreshing change to be there with two independent players. Last time I was there, Hibou was still a baby who needed carrying. In which case it's a fun place, but a lot of work.   This time, it was a total delight. They just played. And I just sat. Brilliant!

We got to hang out with Uncle A and Aunt L a little bit more before they returned home to the West.

It snowed (the first of...many this season it seems...)

We played with friends. Hibou likes to love on babies.

We read magazines.

And talked on the phone.

Practices riding Papillon's bike on an unseasonably warm day.

Dressed up with friends.

Played with our favorite Baby Friend.

Kids love babies in baskets.

Like most good fun, all this can be exhausting. 

It snowed some more.

Oh, and there was Christmas.

At home. Low key. Fun family. 

It was a great time.

Baby Froggy Announcement

The day after Christmas we had a ultrasound, after which we felt confident enough (and in love enough!) that we wanted to tell the world about "Baby Froggy". 

Obviously we had to get the girls to make the announcement. It was a fun photo shoot. These are two of my favorites.

Papillon's First Ballet Class

Papillon has been obsessed with dancing for some time now. Partially because of watching Angelina Ballerina, I am sure. But it is proving to be more than just a passing phase.

Back in August she started taking a ballet class once a week. It was more of an "intro to movement class".  But she did get to wear a leotard, so it was close enough to ballet.

The first week she cried and clung to me for the first half of the class. But I did manage to sneak out before the end of the class.  And the next week, with only slight trepidation, she went in by herself.

After that, parents are not allowed in the class, so she had to do it on her own, or not do it at all.  There were 2 weeks in the middle where she suddenly didn't want to go. But she muddle through that as well.

We learned halfway through the class, from one of her teachers, that Papillon mostly watched the goings ons. Happily. But she didn't really participate much.  Of course, that's our little Papillon, the contented observer.

The final week of class we got to go in and watch.  And yes, she mostly watched. But she watched with a smile on her face. And she definitely shows off what she learns in class when she is at home. So I'd call that a success!

Yes...dancing solo for all to watch...that didn't happen!

Obediently standing on a dot, waiting for the music.

Papillon, her teachers and a few classmates.

We decided to take the spring semester off. But we intend to resume ballet class in the fall when she'll be in the 4 year old class and learn some official ballet positions.


It's actually January...but I'm gonna backdate some of these posts, for memory's sake. These are from the snow we had in December.

Fun in the snow with Dad. (Mom is a chicken when it comes to cold weather)

Papillon read a book or watched a movie somewhere that must have included snow angels, cause she's been obsessed with them for a while now. This was her first opportunity to actually make one.

Snow on the mittens!

A bit skeptical. Not as skeptical as Papillon at her age, but Hibou is still not sure why Papillon thought laying down in this cold stuff would be fun.

Thanksgiving at the Beach

This year for Thanksgiving my entire family gathered at a Beach House for an exciting off-season holiday.

It was a little chilly. Fortunately, our beach house was well equipped with cozy blankets.

They're actually watching TV...not praying. Haha.

Got to check out our favorite beach town pizza shop!

Trying to get a good Christmas Card family was a little cold to expect enthusiastic smiles from the little ones.

It was a cute attempt nonetheless.

Just having fun at the beach house.

The girls' favorite nook.

Waiting for the post-Thanksgiving town Christmas Tree lighting with Uncle E.

And Aunt Mimi!

Beach kisses.

My parents. Cute as ever.

Uncle E and his girlfriend (then, as of Christmas officially his fiancee!)

Grandpa and Papillon working on some coloring.

Grandpa is a popular man at breakfast time (he shares his cereal)

Reading with Uncle E.

It was a delightful time all around!  Certainly something to try and recreate in years to come!