Marge's Nemesis

Back on the farm, it was rabbits. Here in the city, Marge's nemesis is the squirrel.

They are city squirrels. Which means they are quite bold.
This particular one sat here on our front porch for a very long time.

Frankly, I don't think it looks very comfortable.

I think it enjoys tormenting Marge by sitting there just out of Marge's grasp.
It drives Marge absolutely crazy.
Poor Marge

Grandparents are Tons of Fun

This past weekend Papillon got to visit both sets of grandparents.

I love this one of Papillon and my mom.

All in all, I think Papillon would agree that grandparents are tons of fun.

Cloth Diapers

I don't have a lot to say on this subject, except to say that after about 3 weeks of cloth diapering, I am a big fan.

We use bumGenius diapers.

They are very easy to use. Snaps to size them. Velcro to close them. And two different size liners for absorbing. We have 10 diapers right now; which means I have to wash them every day. I really need to buy a few more so that I can start doing landry only every other day. But really its just become part of the evening routine.

At first I found the big one-size-fits-all doapers awkward to put on her tiny bum.
Here is a picture from when we first tried the cloth diapers. The onsie was quite appropriate.

But she is a bit bigger now, and now on the rare occasion that I use a disposable diaper, they feel tiny and pathetic.
In summary, bumGenius diapers are lovely. Many thanks to my cloth diapering friends who did careful research about various types of cloth diapers such that I felt pretty confident about the bumGenius before I even began!

Hat Season

Recently when Papillon and I went for our morning walk (our morning walk is our small way of showing Marge that we still care about her....a little) it seemed a bit too chilly for Papillon's little head. So we broke out this awesome hat.

I love it when she holds her little head up like that. And the addition of the Pom pom hat was just too much to go unphotographed.
(Also, note the sweet new hair cut!)

The hat was so very cute that that evening we had to get another picture or two.

Cute hat, adorable pajamas.

She has a few more cute hats that I am looking forward to using now that fall is here.

Afternoon in the Park

Last week, Mon Amour, Papillon and I met up with some friends at a nearby park.

It was a beautiful day to just sit in the grass and talk and play with Papillon.

Papillon seemed to have a very good time.

After a little afternoon snack, she fell sound asleep.

We will have to do more afternoons in the park. Perhaps next time we will bring a legitimate picnic lunch!

Big Girl Bed

I don't know why, but these pictures make me smile. I was straightening the bedroom and propped Papillon up on the bed, proceeding to make the bed around her. And she just looked so terribly cute sitting in the middle of our big bed.

(and yes, there is duct tape sealing off the crawl space behind the bed. We are that ghetto. But honestly, it blocked a lot of hot air during the summer)

Isn't she sweet?

All snuggled up among the pillows.

Tummy Time

Papillon does not mind a little tummy time now and again. However, it is not her favorite part of the day. She gets very serious when you put her on her tummy, and seems to be concentrating very hard on what she is doing.

Thinking about lifting up her head....

...wondering if its really worth it....

...and finally wiggling backwards out of the boppy.

She really can lift her head pretty well. But she decided not to show us how this time.

Movies, upon request

Recently we received a request for some new videos of the little one.

You ask, I deliver.

Smiles and Talking

Love from Marge

Tummy Time

Loving her Mobile
While we are on the subject of her mobile, I have to say, Papillon LOVES her mobile. If you put her in her crib and reach for the mobile, she freezes and her face lights up in anticipation. She holds still and stares while you wind it up, and then when the music starts she gets sooooo excited and just starts talking and wiggling all over. Its adorable. None of the videos that we ahve taken of it do it justice. But you get a small taste of her excitement in this video.

Drooling and Blowing Bubbles

One of Papillon's favorite activities these days is drooling.

And blowing bubbles.

She is clearly a big fan of this slobber.

I can't complain though, cause she still does not really spit up. I think her life long spit up counter is up to 6 or so. Only 6 tiny spit ups in 2+ months is fairly remarkable, I believe. I guess she knows she should hold onto every little calorie that I put in her.

Papillon and Friends

Recently Papillon has gotten to spend some quality time with some quality friends (and consequently, so have I).

Despite her serious face, Papillon really did enjoy our weekend with these lovely folks.

Clearly she had a good time with this fun person!

This fun friend gave Papillon a lesson in foods. Papillon thought the tomatoes, potatoes and broccoli were awesome. However, she made a sour face when she was shown the steak. How odd.

Hanging out with friends is always fun.

But I never mind taking her back for some mommy-daughter snuggles.

My All Time Favorite Goodwill Find

On a recent trip to Goodwill, I stumbled across these fabulous baby shoes:

Quite possibly my all time favorite Goodwill find ever!!

Snow-Cone Stand of Amazingness

When we first moved to the city, it didn't take long to realize that this is a Snow-Cone loving city. Being a lover of that tasty treat myself, I insisted that we visit a Snow-Cone stand at least once during the summer. Mon Amour reluctantly agreed, and we picked this place:

One Sweet Moment Snowballs.
Aka: The Snow-Cone Stand of Amazingness.

They have well over 200 flavors.
You can combine any 2 regular flavors at no cost.
You can have your ice shaved or crushed.
You can add marshmallow topping (or ice cream, I believe, though I have not tried that option yet. I have had a "cream" flavor, which does in fact have legitimate cream poured into it)
And you can pick from any one of these 7 sizes.

Though you should know that the Mega size takes about 3 hours to eat. My little brother knows from experience.

Since discovering this Snow-Cone stand, we have gone countless times. It is our default splurge item. Any thing is a good excuse to get a snow cone....
...a hard day
....a really good day
....extra money in the grocery budget (snow cones are excellent motivation for coming in under budget)
...and the list goes on.

I think this flavor was called Wedding Cake. Mon Amour always tries fun flavors. I am fairly predictable. Something chocolate (plain chocolate, pepermint pattie, etc) with marshmallow.

Yes, I have marshmallow on my chin.
What can I say, I needed to eat fast cause Papillon was hungry.

Like really hungry. See how much she is drooling?

It seems we always go out for snow-cones like 5 minutes before Papillon wants to eat again, and I make her wait while I finish my tastiness (no, I don't get the size that takes 3 hours to eat. I wouldn't make her wait that long, I promise). She is going to learn to associate this place with ravenous hunger...which will be bad when we take her for her own first snowcone and, thanks to Pavlov's theory, she will want the Mega Size.

Sad Face

This is the face Papillon makes when she remembers that her Aunt is on the other side of the ocean.

But then she smiles, thinking of all the fun adventures her Aunt is going to have...

...and the kilt her Aunt might bring home for her.

Wide Eyed Cuteness

Last weekend I got to spend some quality time with this kid.

Doesn't he have fabulous eyes....and hair.

And the best curious/surprised face!

Happy Birthday Uncel Erik!

In honor of her Uncle Erik's 20th Birthday, Papillon got all dressed up.
Complete with her massive pink bow, which only comes out for very special occasions.

She wrote him a special message.
(Spelling is not her forte)

Can't you see how hard she worked on that sign? This is her concentrating face.

It's the thought that counts, right?

Happy Birthday Uncel Erik!

Old Dog

This is Lilly.

She is my parents dog.
I called her "my dog" for many years, until I got my own puppy. Now I have to call her "my parent's dog", though I still think of her mostly as my dog.

She is a very old dog.
She probably has arthritis and other such old-dog-complaints.

But she still has an adorable puppy face.

Assorted Cuteness

My sister takes some of the cutest pictures with and of Papillon.

I don't know what we are going to do while she is on the other side of the ocean.

Who will take all these cute pictures?
And who will play the air bongos with Papillon?

This is the face Papillon makes when she thinks about her Aunt leaving her.