Triton Jaune: 1 month

Triton Jaune turned one month old yesterday. Time is already going to fast.
At one month, triton... very loved by his big sisters.

...weighs 10lbs 4oz which puts him around 50 percentile, quite a drop from the 90-something he started at. But he has surpassed his birth weight (did that right at about 4 weeks) so that is good. 23 inches long. Round about 75 percentile a great sleeper. Naps are still whenever, wherever with no real pattern (at least not one that I've bothered to track carefully). But at night, he falls asleep between 9 and 10. He pretty consistently sleeps until 2 or 230am. Eats, goes back to sleep. Wakes again between 5 and 6. Eats, then most of the time sleeps again until 730 or so. It's epic! If he wants to keep this up for months, I won't complain. I feel very spoiled - I am tired, but not the delirious blur that one expects with a newborn

...has started to smile all the time. Unless you put a hat on him! Ha!
...has been described both as "Hibou 2.0" and also the "boy version of papillon" so he must be a mix of both. But to us, he's so much like papillon in both looks and temperament. At least so far.

So far, life with 3 is wonderful. It's been a very smooth transition. So many things that can be hard with a new baby have been very easy for us. He's a great sleeper. We've had no jealousy issues from the sisters. We've had tons of friends and family helping out. It's been fantastic. God is very good.

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