Now that Christmas has come and gone, let's jot down a few thanksgiving memories before the year slips away.

Here are three of the things for which I am very thankful. (Note triton's dapper suspenders)

Uncle E got some time off from the Navy so we got to see him for the first time in a year and he got to meet Triton!
This year we all convened at my grandmothers house for thanksgiving. It was really nice to be there since that is where the thanksgivings of my childhood took place and it had been many years since we had been there.

Mon amour and I were in charge of the food and I think our turkey was the best yet! It was brined, rubbed in butter and cooked "spatchcocked" which allowed us to cook it quite fast at a fairly high temperature. This resulted in an incredibly juicy and flavorful turkey. So tasty!

Triton fell asleep shortly after we started eating and slept on my lap for a couple hours.

Papillon waiting for pie and ice cream.

Watching a few videos on the phone after dinner.

After dinner we drove up to a park near Nannie's house to look around for a bit. Traditionally we would walk to this particular place on thanksgiving but driving was just as good. We took some pictures, threw some rocks in the river, etc.

The day after thanksgiving we did a little family adventure in our neck of the woods. Beginning with the Science Center and ending up at our house for lunch and such. 

Uncle Erik and the girls played a little Candy Land.

And also read a few books.

A lovely Thanskgiving all around!

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