Thanksgiving at the Beach

This year for Thanksgiving my entire family gathered at a Beach House for an exciting off-season holiday.

It was a little chilly. Fortunately, our beach house was well equipped with cozy blankets.

They're actually watching TV...not praying. Haha.

Got to check out our favorite beach town pizza shop!

Trying to get a good Christmas Card family was a little cold to expect enthusiastic smiles from the little ones.

It was a cute attempt nonetheless.

Just having fun at the beach house.

The girls' favorite nook.

Waiting for the post-Thanksgiving town Christmas Tree lighting with Uncle E.

And Aunt Mimi!

Beach kisses.

My parents. Cute as ever.

Uncle E and his girlfriend (then, as of Christmas officially his fiancee!)

Grandpa and Papillon working on some coloring.

Grandpa is a popular man at breakfast time (he shares his cereal)

Reading with Uncle E.

It was a delightful time all around!  Certainly something to try and recreate in years to come!

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