December Highlights

December was full of fun adventures. 

We returned to our library's mini children's museum, which we had neglected unintentionally for some time.  It was a refreshing change to be there with two independent players. Last time I was there, Hibou was still a baby who needed carrying. In which case it's a fun place, but a lot of work.   This time, it was a total delight. They just played. And I just sat. Brilliant!

We got to hang out with Uncle A and Aunt L a little bit more before they returned home to the West.

It snowed (the first of...many this season it seems...)

We played with friends. Hibou likes to love on babies.

We read magazines.

And talked on the phone.

Practices riding Papillon's bike on an unseasonably warm day.

Dressed up with friends.

Played with our favorite Baby Friend.

Kids love babies in baskets.

Like most good fun, all this can be exhausting. 

It snowed some more.

Oh, and there was Christmas.

At home. Low key. Fun family. 

It was a great time.

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