January Highlights

January was a fun an exciting month, here are just a few highlights.

Matching hair "bobbles".

Hibou moved to a Big Girl bed (which, so far has not been a huge success, but then again, it's not any worse than when she was in her crib, so whatever).  Here she is practicing sleeping.

It's been cold. So we have been desperate for outside time. I think we managed 20 minutes on this day.

It's even cold in the car!

I love how kiddos love playing with babies.  I also love having a house full of Little Ones!

We spent some time with an artsy friend, who helped the girls make these adorable hair clips.

Papillon loves babies. This baby (Baby D) is a particular favorite.

Hanging out with our Artsy Friend, and also our favorite little Baby.

Doing some baking with friends.

More friends. Everyone we interact with gets roped into reading books.

Visiting friends and matching hair-dos.

All these adventures are exhausting.

We discovered that our car can, in fact fit 4 carseats. Yay for adventures with friends!

Yes, this really is how she sleeps.

Her head was cold.

Papillon drew her first "people". This pretty much made my month.

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