Marge's New Home

For some time, our dear sweet Marge has been quite ignored.  Sure, we fed her (most days!), let her outside, and once in a blue moon took her for a walk (when it wasn't too cold out...).  From time to time the girls would love on her.    But really, we had come to grips with the fact that we were just co-existing with Marge. 

While we loved her too much to to really get rid of her, we had said for some time that if we could find her a good family to love her, we would consider giving her away. 

Well, wouldn't you know it, the right opportunity arose. A family with 4 kiddos had a hankering for a dog, but needed one that would be low maintenance.  Low-maintenance is Marge's middle name.   So after a few chats, and one lull in the conversation during which I actually assumed they were no longer interested, Marge went to stay with her new family.

Her new family picked her up Christmas Eve. She was a Christmas present for their older son.  The first couple weeks were officially a trial run, but all went well, and before long, we officially declare marge theirs. 

Not gonna lie, I've shed a few tears over her. But I can't really say that I've missed her. I haven't accidentally gone to feed her or anything like that. The girls also took it well. I am not fully convinced that they completely understand that she is gone forever. They mention her from time to time and remind each other that Marge now lives at their friend's house.  But they insist that she also still lives with us. 

The nice thing is that she does live close. We intend to visit now and again.  

It really is a great deal for everyone. Marge gets 1000% more love than she was getting. I don't' have to feel guilty about not walking her...or forgetting to feed her.  And we can still visit. Win-win-win. 

That said, Marge was basically the World's Best Dog. So loving on the girls, so laid back, so wonderful. Back when we lived on the farm, she was essential to my sanity. And for that I will love her always.

Here is a couple pictures of Marge and Hibou from shortly before Marge went to her new family.

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