It's only more than a month late, but I couldn't help but share some Halloween memories.

This year papillon was Aurora, Hibou was a Bumblebee and Triton was a Frog.

We first celebrated a week in advance with ZooBoo, complete with candy, crafts and free sunglasses!

Aunt Mimi came along for this adventure.

So did Mon Amour.

Then, on the actual day, we actually went door to door trick or treating for the first time ever. Oh the excitement!
We went with some friends and had a blast. And while there are still some parts of Halloween and trick or treating that seem bizarre to me (like, how old is too old? Clearly there is no limit. Also the scary costumes are usually the stupid costumes worn by the people who are just hoping to score some candy. Lame!) we really enjoyed it and will certainly do it again next year! 

My cuties!

Oh and we did end up with a ton of cady which we rationed out. Hibou, being the one with the sweet tooth, carried hers around and lined it up to count if over and over again. Papillon, being the one with a definitive sugar-max, would often ask for candy, taste and then leave it behind only to forget about it. Triton, as the girls would put it laughingly "only gets milk! He's too little for candy!"

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