Homeschooling - an off week

This year we began officially experimenting with homeschooling. Papillon is officially in Pre-K, so I am keeping my expectations (of myself) pretty low for this year. But it's been good to get my feet wet and get a sense of what things may work well for us in the future.

One thing I have already learned is that sometimes you have good days and some times you have off- days (or weeks...) in terms of what you accomplish.  Last week was one such off-week.  Perhaps I was poorly prepared, perhaps I was over committed, perhaps I was hormonal. But whatever it was, school just wasn't clicking last week. A lot of our activities ended up just being loose-association play time after reading some picture books that we've already read 100 times.

We had one pretty good lesson (I think!). We learned about snakes in our little preschool-co-op. And I think we all had a lot of fun, and perhaps even learned a thing or two!

We had an spoon-egg race with our leathery "snake-eggs" (I'd soaked them in vinegar overnight, it makes chicken eggs nice and soft). 

Perhaps more fun, though was when we "accidentally" dropped them on the sidewalk...

...and smashed them up really well.  (Side note: Eggs, soaked in vinegar overnight smell pretty bad when they are smashed. Yikes!)

That was a good day.  The rest of the week was pretty iffy.

Here we were learning about pets, and making "dog houses" (aka, just building towers with blocks because Mom couldn't come up with anything better to do)

And more on pets...building cages for our play-doh-birds.  Again, basically just playing with playdoh because I couldn't think of anything better.
So yes, and off week. But it happens, right? And as long as they are not all off-weeks, I think we are still succeeding!

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