Hibou: 9 Months

We're a little late with this - but its been one of those weeks. We'll primarily blame the ongoing stomach bugs. Blech.  But, better late than never.

This past Wednesday, Hibou turned 9 months old.  At her check up, everything was looking okey dokey.  Her official stats are:

16lbs 5 oz  (3 oz smaller than Papilllon at this age! Crazy! They would probably have been the same size if it weren't for the aforementioned stomach bug.)

26.25 inch (2inches shorter than Papillon!)

17.25 head

Here she is with Dollie.


Here's Hibou's 8 month post, and Papillon's 9 month, for comparison. 

At 9 months Hibou....

....gets up 2-3 times per night. We've started some modified sleep training, but were interrupted by stomach bugs. She's definitely ready for some sleep training - the couple days we've tried have been very encouraging!

....takes 2 naps a day. Still willing to do 1 in the car and 1 at home.

....is hit or miss with solid foods. She likes a fair number of things, and i offer her food at every meal. But she'll just as often play with her food as she does eat it.

....favorite food is cheerios. She actually recognizes the box and gets upset if she sees the box and doesn't get to eat any.

....has her 4 front teeth. They all came in at once, pretty much. Its 2 on top, 2 on bottom. Three are easily visible when she smiles, the 4th is just poking through.

...loves her sister. In fact, I have discovered Hibou is frightfully hard to entertain when Papillon is not around.  She is super content to just watch Papillon play and such. But if Papillon is napping and Hibou is awake...the grumpy-ness comes out! 




...is not interested in crawling. Or really rolling over. She can roll over both ways, but she never really lays down, so she doesn't ever really do it.  Just this week, she's started leaning forward from her seated position and flopping onto her tummy; perhaps this is the first step towards crawling? 

Hibou, showing off her yoga-pose. 

Aren't these two the cutest?

....'s hair is coming in. It's hard to tell with the helmet. But it is coming in! I suspect once the helmet comes off, the bows will begin!


...is a total goofball. She is always laughing with her eyes, even when she isn't audibly laughing. There always seems to be so much going on in her adorable little head.


...is very social. She doesn't mind being held by other people, and is doing great in the church nursery and such.
...still gets called "Blondie" and "Baby Hibou" more often than just her actual name. She probably thinks Blondie is her name...

....has started to enjoy standing while holding on to something.


Looking so grown up!


And look how round her head is getting!  We go back on Monday to get a scan and see what her official "stats". Can't wait!

Happy 9 Months, Hibou!


Thomas said...

Such sweetness!

Laura said...

That's exactly how Ellie starting crawling too! She never wanted to roll over until she learned to crawl. Then she would roll from her back to her stomach so she could then sit up and start crawling.