Spontaneous Visitors

TDuring Mon Amour's most recent (3-week!) trip, we were blessed with lots of opportunities to hang out with friends and family to make the time go by more pleasantly.   Near the end of the trip, we had some friends spend a couple nights with us. It was a very last minute trip, and just exactly what we needed to get through the last part of Mon Amour's absence.

Hibou and her little friend (who is 3 months younger, and currently the same size) had a lot of fun together.


Aren't they cuties!


Papillon loved having two babies to take care of. She was passing around pacifiers and toys all day long.


I love watching kids play together!

Here's a little video of Hibou and her friend doing some baby-playing.

Thanks for visiting, friends! You can come any time!

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Brianne and Tim said...

It was so lovely! Thanks for letting us stay on such short notice.

Are you free tomorrow for a visit? ahaha. Just kidding.