Hibou Loves Food!!

Until very recently, Hibou has been a very peckish eater.  One day she'll love eating. The next, she won't eat anything. It hasn't been a problem, she still nurses a ton, so it's not like she was starving. I just felt like I was always gambling with feeding her.

Then, we discovered avacados.

Sliced, not mashed, please.

I thought the slippery-ness would be problematic. But she doesn't have any trouble.
She will eat half an avacado at a time.  She love love loves it.

And with the discovery of avacados, Hibou has decided she likes lots of other things as well.  Bananas, Pizza Crust, Peas, etc now round out our previously boring solid food diet. (Crackers and Cheerios were the only thing she would eat consistently)

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