Hibou: 10 Months

Hibou turned 10 months old last week. 
Her birthday is right around the corner, or so it seems. I keep thinking she is "just a baby", then I realize that with Papillon, at 10 months, I thought she was pretty nearly grown up.  It's doesn't seem weird to me that she doesn't eat a ton of solid food, or that she doesn't crawl, or that she doesn't sleep through the night - she's just a baby, right? Nope. (well, yes and no. but go with me) She's almost one! 

Here is her 9 month post for comparison.

And here is my Little Blondie with her doll.

At 10 months, Hibou...

....weighs 17lbs. I would have guessed more, but a recent visit to the doctor put her right at the 17lb mark. Midget!
....takes 1-2 naps a day. 

...sleeps from 7:30pm - 7:30am...with 2-3 breaks. Sleep training has hit some bumps. It officially started last month, then there were a few illnesses, a little traveling for Christmas, and here we are again. Still getting up a little too often.  We'll get there. 

...nurses 4-6 times through the day and usually once at night. 

...eats a ton of solid food some days, and nothing other days. One meal she'll eat a whole banana. The next, just two cheerios. She knows what she wants, and when she wants it, and there is no persuading her otherwise. Favorite foods include avacados, plain yogurt, cheerios and graham crackers. 

....had her second real illness this month.  Last month we got the stomach bug (Hibou threw up for 24 hours), this month it was a 4 day fever (consistently up to 104 when the tylenol would begin to wear off). Miserable. Simply miserable.  I don't know if it was officially "the flu" or just a "bug". But I am so grateful to have two very healthy kids...I am no good at having a sick kid, it totally disables my ability to do anything or make any kind of rational decisions.


 ....is still blonde as can be, and i can't wait to get her helmet off and start playing with bows.


....loves playing with her sister, but has also discovered that when Papillon is not around, her playing is less interrupted. Papillon likes to "show her" how to do things, so Hibou doesn't get to play in peace much unless Papillon is napping. When Papillon is not around, Hibou becomes a chatter box and will play and talk by herself.

...is very curious about everything technology. (what baby isn't, right?). She snagged my ipod touch recently, and managed to kill it (had to dry it out, then wipe the drive and start afresh, alas) and the most sure-fire way to make her happy is to let her play with my phone.

(Randomly, we have a lot of fun on these photo shoots. The Giraffe was a Christmas gift from the neighbors. Papillon LOVES it! Like whoa!)

...is almost almost almost crawling. And is actually starting to get frustrated that she can't crawl. She scootches and bit and spins around in one spot a lot. But not forward-movement yet. But check out this forward lean action:

She is so almost there!

....'s head is almost round!  Check it out! We go for another scan in 2 weeks, at which point we might be done! Officially it will be our call whether we want to be done or not; it just depends on how perfect we are aiming for. It's pretty close to perfect now

....nods her head yes, and shakes her head no. It's hard to believe, but if you ask her a yes/no question, 90% of the time she will respond with a shake or a nod - both of which are very definitive in nature. I don't think she knows every time what she is saying, but its hard to deny that she is communicating with you when you ask her "Do you want more cheerios?" and she nods, or when you ask her, "do you want to go to bed?" and she shakes her head. I'll have to try and get it on video, it's very cute. 

....is all around a delightful, happy, laid back little girl.  Less skeptical and more silly than her big sister at this age. Sometimes I take advantage of her ever-patient personality and push her to the limit...like when I extended this photo shoot just a few minutes too long. Sorry Hibou. I love you.

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