Pre-Christmas Fun

And just for fun, we'll go a little out of order and talk about some Pre-Christmas Fun now.

Before Christmas, we took advantage of a coupon we had purchased to go to this cool place.  I love this place. We used to go when I was a kid. It's much bigger now. And just as cool. 
Everything is hands on. Everything!

Doing a etching of some "dinosaur skins".

Papillon's favorite thing was this display that measured your height - it spoke to you. It was very cool. (see video further down)

Learning about anatomy (note, most of this stuff is just a little over Papillon's head...but, it was fun nonetheless).

Overlooking the dinosaur display.

We also watched an Imax movie.  The girls first movie theater experience was both Imax and 3-d.  It was also about butterflies. Papillon was half scared, half amazed. Half loved it, half wanted it to stop.  Hibou just got antsy.

After all that educational-fun, we went to 5-Guys for dinner where Papillon discovered a love of peanuts.

And Hibou realized she was very very tired.

Bundle up - it was cold outside!

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Beth Anne said...

Love it there too! It's been years since I went; we always did the homeschool day. Maybe you were there at the same time! ;)