Papillon cracks me up. Here are just a few hilarious moments from recent weeks.

Papillon was sitting on my bed, reading while I got dressed (some-what dressed-up) and ready to go somewhere.  Papillon looks up just as I am putting the finishing touches on my look.

P, straight faced;  "Oh mom, you look like a monster"

Me, trying to determine if that is a compliment or not (it could be, I believe, to Papillon, looking like a Sesame Street monster would be a good thing):  "Oh.  A monster? But a good monster, right?"

P, pausing to assess: "No, a bad monster"

I should really make a book of the first words out of Papillon's mouth every morning. They are always hilarious. One morning, I go in, and she is sitting on her bed with some stuffed animals on her lap. She begins her explanation unprompted:

P: "This is pretend Papillon"  (holds up her baby doll).
     "This is pretend Hibou" (holds up a very small stuffed animal. makes sense)
     "This is Margie" (holds up a puppy, obviously)
      "This is Dad" (holds up a large-ish polar bear. Again, seems logical)

Me, realizing she was done and had missed me: "Yes, and where is mommy?"

P, thinking, then digging through her remaining animals for a good while: "This is Mommy" (holds up a multi-colored extra-long caterpillar toy)

Me, pleased with my animal assignment: "Oh, that's fun!"

P: "Yeah, that's mommy cause it has a funny nose.  (pause)  And a funny mouth"

And this classic, which facebook friends have already seen.

One afternoon, I am in the kitchen and Hibou suddenly begins crying from the living room where she and Papillon were playing.

P, unprompted, before I even enter the room: "I did not hit someone!"
Me: "Papillon, did you hit your sister?"
P: "No, I did not hit someone"
Me: "Did you hit Marge?"
P, more confidently: "No, I did not hit Marge. I did not hit somone"

The next day:
P, to Mon Amour: "I told E. (she used my first name), 'I did not hit someone'"
Mon Amour: "Yeah, that's what you told her. But did you hit your sister?"
P, definitively: "No.   I just took her toy"

The truth comes out.

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