Maine Vacation 2013: Adventures

We did have a few domestic adventures as well.  Largely a lot of playground visiting and such. Pretty low key stuff. But it was fun times all around. 

Picnics at a nearby state park lake.


Playground fun!

It was quite sunny most of the time. Thank heavens for cool shades.

Fun times!

We visited the library one day.  It was quite hot that day, and when we almost turned around and walked right out - it wasn't air conditioned!  Not much of anything is air conditioned that far north.  But of course, we would be there the one week that it was in the 90s every day! The non-air conditioned, poorly ventilated library was very warm. But it was also very fun, so we toughed it out. (The library actually closed early that day cause it was so warm...)


There were quite a few play grounds to explore. Hibou managed to get around pretty well, despite the fact that she was still not interested in walking.





Since we were officially there for the Maine Potato Blossom Festival, we decided we should participate in at least one of the Festival activities. We chose the annual "potato digging contest". We kind of envisioned it taking place in a field. But no. They take a large barrel of potatoes, spread them out on a mat in a parking lot. Then you race to put them all back in the barrel. 

Papillon gave it a whirl. She was really excited about it. She quickly put 3 potatoes in her basket...then got totally overwhelmed by the attention, and chickened out.  Oh well, it was a nice try.

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