Maine Vacation 2013: Foreign Adventures

We didn't stay at the house the whole time though. When Canada is only 2 miles away, you have to visit, right?  It was Papillon's first time out of the country, but Hibou is an old hand at international travel.

We visited the capital of New Brunswick (which is officially more than 2 miles from where we were, but still close). It was delightfully sunny when we arrived. Hence, the sweet shades.


We arrived just in time for a little historical reenactment. Papillon still hasn't forgiven them for not warning her before the shot off their rifles.


There were a bunch of little shops with local artists' wares for sale. We did some browsing, Papillon consulted the map.

After some shopping we watched a little community play in the park. It was hokey, but delightful.  We stopped in for lunch just as it started to rain.  After lunch we walked around a bit in the rain before taking the scenic route home.  Canada has some beautiful scenery (which I didn't get any pictures of...)

On the way back, we stopped at a chip factory. Took a little self guided tour of the factory, then tasted a few freshly made chips. They had twenty flavors that you could test taste.  The girls and I ultimately preferred them just plain salted. Mon Amour was more adventurous.


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