Papillon: 3 Years Old

Yup, this is officially old news. But, roughly two months ago, Papillon turned three.  So I thought I'd tell you a little bit about my little three year old. 

At three years old, Papillon....

...has been sleeping in her own big girl bed for more than a year. She sleeps the whole night through (say 8pm-7am, give or take), except for those nights when she wakes up and feels the need to tell me something. Something random like "I would like to wear my sparkly dress tomorrow, mom".  For such emergencies, she climbs out of bed very quietly and stealthily sneaks upstairs to my side of the bed. There are also those nights when she falls out of bed, she is generally still half asleep when I tuck her back; on one occasion she even got herself back in bed and by the time I got there she was snoring away again. 

...doesn't nap. We dropped that a couple months ago, and there is no going back. We are still working on developing our "quiet time" skills. Often, since I need to get some work done for my job during the afternoons, we resort to a cartoon or two. But we are working on making quiet time less screen-time and more play-time. 

...weighs 31lbs (50%) and is 38 inches tall (75%). Or at least she did a month and a half ago at her appointment. 

...has become a bit of a picky eater. Though only in principal. She claims to hate all foods. But if you can convince her to try something half the time she ends up loving it.   Things she will generally eat without question include: desserts of all kinds, muffins, cereal, yogurt, cheese, eggs, granola bars. 

...can recognize most of her alphabet. A few letters she still gets confused. K and Y,  S and C, seem to be tricky. But she's getting there. 

....can count to 16 or so without mistakes. Then starts guessing after that. Counting is no problem, identifying numbers is a different matter. It's a work in progress...

....loves to memorize. She knows 6 or 7 Bible verses. And the first 18 or so questions in the shorter catechism.

...loves to "read". You only have to read her a new book once before she's got the gist of it and will "read" it to herself. 

...dances all the time. Thanks to Angelina Ballerina, she knows a lot of different kinds of dance. Including Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Break Dance. Mostly she likes ballet. She starts ballet class this Saturday. She has a pair of ballet shoes that she wears around the house pretty much 24/7.  She is careful to point out that they are not real Pointe Shoes though.

...would wear a dress every day of the week if I let her. Preferably something with lots of tulle and a long skirt.  If she can match the color of her accessories to the color of her dress, she think she is "pretty". a tricycle for her birthday which she loves. Though she hasn't quite mastered riding it yet. She will got a couple inches, then lose her momentum and give up. Practice makes perfect...

...may start getting an allowance soon cause she is ALWAYS asking about money. And how much money we can spend at the store. Since she's interested, it may be time to seize the day and teach her about being responsible with money!

...still sucks her thumb. Usually when she is tired, bored or riding in the car.  We are trying to decide what (if anything) to do about this. 

...loves to be goofy. Sometimes a little too much; we are working on learning when is a time to goof and when is a time to obey. 

...has developed a bit of a deceptive side. And we are particularly working on the idea that disobeying is still disobeying even when mommy can't see you. 

...generally is a great kid. She loves her sister. Loves her friends. (though she is still an introvert and needs her alone time). Loves having sleep overs with her grandparents. Loves going on "dates" with dad (we just started this recently. she loved having alone time with dad).


Happy 3rd Birthday (2 months late...) Little Papillon.  I love you sooooo much!

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