New Haircuts

So yes, these haircuts are already like a month old. And if you know is in real life, you've definitely seen them. None the less, they are worth documenting. This was Papillon's first "real" cut. She'd had a trim before, but this was much more drastic.

The before...


Ready to make the trek to our favorite hair stylist.

Hibou's hair is still a bit too short for a cut.

The after! Voila!

And another picture from immediately after (with a fun friend!). Papillon loves her hair. I love her hair (so low maintenance - literally brush, and go and it looks like we styled it). It may have made me a little lazy with her hair - I am often forgetting to brush it until we are running out the door. Quick, grab the brush! Brush, brush. Done!

I also got new hair, I don't have before pictures, but here is the finished product.


Possibly my favorite haircut to date!

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