13 Months

Papillon is 13 months old today.
Here she is with Snoopy. It is tough to get a good comparison shot these days since Papillon is on the move so much. And this is about as good as we got.

After that, Papillon crawled away...then dashed back to give Snoopy an open-mouth kiss (a new trick of hers!)

Followed by a hug.

Then it turned into an all out snuggle-fest.

Papillon snuggles with everything. It is generally a diving, face-plant, kind of snuggle, but it is sweet nonetheless.

Anyway, at 13 months, Papillon....

....is considering dropping to one nap. I am fighting this idea. But about 50% of her afternoon naps these days are just quiet time in her crib. And by "quiet time" I mean, talking to stuffed puppy and the animals on her sheets for about an hour. It works.

....eats lots of high-calorie things. Whole Milk, veggies, toast, crackers, etc all with peanut butter or butter on them. She loves it all.

...has just about stopped nursing. Once we started supplementing with whole milk in a bottle, weaning just kind of happened. And, true to form, my body took the hint and promptly quit producing anything. It feels weird to be done with nursing, but I consider our year of nursing to have been well worth the trouble!

...has 7 teeth. 4 on top. 3 on the bottom. No signs of any more at this point.

...stands without support. But has not worked up the nerve to take any actual steps yet.

....says her first word. It's "Hi". And yes, she clearly knows what it means, and uses it appropriately with people she knows (with strangers, her shyness takes over and she says nothing). She says lots of other things - but nothing that seems to have any meaning yet.

...knows the signs for "more", "please", "book", "milk" and we are working on "thank you".

....can have her hair in pigtails! We will still probably do the "whale spout" look most often (it's easier), but the pigtails are hard to resist.


Thomas said...

Gettin' so so big!

Adrian and Meredith said...

Lyndon and I will totally take credit for teaching her "milk" and "thank you"! Oh, and that particular brand of snuggling looks familiar, too. Although that may just be a toddler thing. Congratulations; a toddler is exactly what you have now. :-)

Also, glad she's still willing to have quiet time in lieu of naptime.

Beth Anne said...

Pigtails are so much fun!

Eliz. K said...

she's standing?!!! ahh!