Annivesary Trip

This year marked Mon Amour and I's 4th Anniversary.
#4 seemed significant for some reason, I think I as holding on to the vision of us as "newly marrieds" or at least still young in our marriage, and is some ways we are still young in the marriage. But 4 years, feels significant. Feels like legitimately like newly weds will look at us like we have been married for a long time. And that is weird. But good. Yay for 4 years!

Being an even numbered year, it was my turn to plan the anniversary trip. I as pretty excited with the secret (though still a little nervous...secrets are not my thing) I had up my sleeve. But, Mon Amour couldn't resist a surprise of his own and brought me home some gorgeous roses on our anniversary:

Then, that weekend, it was off for the surprise weekend trip!

The surprise: Renting Scooters, and exploring Amish Country for the day!

We were blessed with ridiculously awesome weather! And enjoyed cruising through the fields...

...and covered bridges, and stopped at a couple places along the way for some Amish treats.

I was a little nervous about our scootering adventure. I am not one to get super excited about trying new things, but, I pushed through the nerves and eventually got the hang of it. My favorite parts were the long straight stretches where you could get up some "speed" (speed = max 35 miles per hour. My speedometer was broken, so I had to take Mon Amour's word for how fast we were going...I thought 35 felt much faster than that...).

Here we are standing awkwardly by our scooters. Mon Amour graciously let me have the fun looking one and he took the one that is pretending to be a motor cycle.

I succeeded in getting royally sun burned. But other than that, it was a fantastic adventure!

Later that day we went to a local Beer Garden for dinner. It was delicious! And the atmosphere was awesome, there were tons of trees in the outdoor dining section and also a life size chess set. (which we photographed but did not play)

It's hard to believe that Mon Amour and I have each planned 2 anniversary trips at this point. Apparently he already has some ideas for anniversary #5! Only two years until its my turn again...gotta start brainstorming.

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Eliz. K said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! I love how you guys switch off planning your anniversary! Happy four-years :-)