Mon Amour's trips are, among other things, an excellent opportunity to do some Christmas shopping. Even hard to shop for people will appreciate something random from the other side of the world!

Obviously I can't show you pictures of the things that are presents for other people (can't spoil the surprise!). But, Mon Amour does bring home a few things just for Papillon and myself that I can show you now!

Here is.... decorative felt wall hanging from Kyrgyzstan (felt is a big deal in Kyrgyz Culture) felt ladybug purse for Papillon Kyrgyz and one Chinese outfit for Papillon
...and one beautiful purple scarf from Kyrgyzstan for me.

Papillon can add these to her Indian outfit, in her growing foreign-clothes wardrobe. Mon Amour was thinking he would keep growing this collection with his future travels, but someone recently suggested doing dolls from each country instead since you would outgrow them less. So that is the new plan.

But, if Baby #2 is a boy, I am not sure what Mon Amour will get for him...dolls would probably not mean as much to a boy..... any suggestions?

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