10 Days of Life with 2

 Today is day 10 with Blondie and so far, life is wonderful! I have to keep this short cause nap time is almost over, but a quick summary. 

Blondie is a great eater! Hooray!

She also sleeps impressively for a newborn. 
Isn't this an impressive swaddle job? Mon Amour did it.  It's a shame she hates being swaddled; she much prefers to stretch out with her hands near her face.

 She lost her umbilical cord at day 7 and had her first official bath on day 8.  Papillon enjoyed helping with the bath.  Blondie didn't mind the experience too much.

 She actually has periods of awake-ness!  Papillon never did at this age.  I love seeing newborn eyes open - just chillin.

 We tested out the ergo a couple days in.  It's kind of amazing!

Thus far, the transition from 1 to 2 kids has been easier than the transition from 0 to 1 kids.  Easier recovery physically. Less baby-blues.  Not that its not a lot work, but we focus on priorities - getting everyone fed, clothed and rested - and anything else that gets done is just bonus!  
So far,  we are loving life as a family of 4.

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Laura said...

her hat looks great! :)