Clearly blogging has not been a high priority this month.  But I am determined not to abandon the blogging altogether. So, time for some marathon blogging! 

First, a quick summary of some fun events that happened before Hibou Marron's arrival that never got blogged about. 

First - a little trip to the zoo with some friends.
 Like much of this year, the weather was very unpredictable.  So it was a little colder than we anticipated.
Papillon hung out with this friend (who is also the friend who was a huge help the day of Hibou's birth) most of the time. Which was really nice because I did not have the energy to chase her around very much that day.
Another mom friend and her new little girl came along as well. I think she was 5weeks old at this point. So cute!
Papillon and I with the giraffe's!

We also celebrated Auntie M's birthday with some presents.

And celebrated a little friend's birthday!  Papillon loved the animal crackers.
and the juice boxes. And the cupcakes, for that matter.
Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy!

And of course, the day before Hibou's birthday, there were more birthday festivities for Auntie M.

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