God's Timing: A Birth Story: Part 1

The story of Blondie's (maybe or maybe not her official blog name...that is TBD) birth is kind of amazing. Looking back God's hand is so amazingly clear and even as the story unfolded it was hard to miss the incredible "God Moments" as He put things in place for her arrival.    

In my mind, the story of her birth starts on Sunday, the day before she was born.  As I was drawing near to the end of pregnancy and the imminent arrival of a 2nd Child, I was becoming more and more aware of how my relationship with Papillon was going to change once a 2nd Baby was demanding my attention, and I was trying to be purposeful about spending some quality moments with her while she was still my one focus. 

Insert: Papillon's terrible head cold. 

She woke up around 4am Sunday morning and was very sad and fighting going back to sleep. I thought about just laying her down and letting her work through her misery herself. But, at that point I was pretty uncomfortable as well (sleep in the last few weeks of pregnancy was pretty terrible) so I figured we may as well just snuggle. We snuggled in her bed for a bit, but then decided that sleeping upright in the rocker would probably make breathing easier.  So up we went to the nursery, where we slept in the rocker together until the sun began to come up. 

I didn't realize it then, but looking back I love that God worked some time for Papillon into his plan for Blondie's birth. 

Due to a terrible night's sleep for all of us, we decided to skip church on Sunday morning.
That afternoon we went to a birthday party for my little sister. 

Perhaps it was that sip of Sangria at the party that inspired the events that followed...

Or perhaps it was the prayers of my Church Small Group that night. Blondie was very active inside of me that evening and I asked for prayers for a smooth and possibly early arrival. Little did I know she would arrive within 24 hours.

to be continued.

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