2 Weeks - and a Blog Name

 Blondie is officially two weeks old today. 
Holy Smokes does time fly by! 
As does nap time...which is about to end. So I must keep this short again, just a few notes. 

First - theses pictures are from Saturday - St Patrick's day! I think they are all cute; not the best pictures ever, but I think it gives you a glimpse of how Papillon interacts with her little sister.

Second - Blondie (who is already less blonde than she was when she was born) officially has a blog name.  Hibou Marron.  The Brown Owl.  It's almost alliterative - her initials are actually I.M., but I is a very difficult letter to find a cute animal for. The "h" is not pronounced in Hibou...so its almost an "I" word.  

 Lastly - Hibou is growing!!  At her appointment today she weighed in at 6lbs 15oz.  4ozs ahead of her birth weight.  11ozs ahead of her hospital-discharge weight.  She is not setting any growth records - but she is growing. And that makes me happy.