Cloth Diapers for Hibou

Tada!  Hibou's first cloth diaper.
We did disposables on Hibou for a while. Its just easier that way at the beginning. But, this picture is from probably about a month ago, and she's been in cloth ever since. Excepting of course those times when I don't get the diapers washed quickly enough and a disposable is the only option. Its amazing how fast we can go through 20 diapers with two kiddos needing them. 

It's also amazing how fast Hibou is growing. You can see in this picture how the velcro on the diaper overlapped in order to be snug enough on her. That is not the case any more - she fills them out just fine without any overlapping. 

Now that Hibou is hogging most of the cloth diapers, its time to get Papillon potty trained... We're in no rush, but by this fall, I'd like to be back to just 1 in diapers.

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Beth Anne said...

Looks great! Did you get more bum genius or go for the flips?