Zoo Trip...#3??

I forget if this is trip #3 or #4. Either way, we are defiitely getting our money's worth out of our membership.  

It was a perfect day for a zoo trip earlier this month, so we gathered up a couple friends and went on an adventure.

It was warm enough that there were some animals out that you don't get to see in colder months. Like this large tortise.
Papillon wanted to walk (or rather, run!) the whole way. She is usually pretty introverted in new or busy settings. But not this time! She got so focused on exploring that she didn't respond when I called her and on one or two occasions I had to abandon the empty stroller to run after her cause I truly didn't know how far she would run! I am glad she was having fun though.

There were some new born baby warthogs. They were cute...in an ugly sort of way. The mother warthog was pretty much freaking out. She paced rapidly back and forth nonstop.
Here we all are, enjoying the giraffes and the sunny weather.
Oh. and, side note. This was Hibou's first official zoo visit. Just for fun, here is Papillon's first zoo trip.

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Eliz. K said...

Looks like a lovely day, and fun that P was so excited! (Fun flashback; I love her peeking out of the sling!)

Can we join you for a zoo adventure this the fall, perhaps? Don't answer now, but I'll ask again when we're back :-)