Papillon loves to read. She reads to herself. Reads to Hibou. Will let pretty much anyone read her pretty much everything.  Mon Amour even read her a work-report the other day, and she seemed to enjoy it. 

Here are some recent photos of my cousin (so Papillon's 2nd Cousin??) reading her the comics.

She was being really shy about it, but you could tell she couldn't resist being a part of the read-adventure.

In light of her love of books, we are very grateful to live near "The Book Thing" (basically a warehouse of donated books that are free for the taking).  On a recent trip, we got a bit carried away and came home with 40+ kids books. But who can resist classics like Curious George and Big Dog Little Dog?


Maura said...

Wow! Free books?!?! What a huge blessing! Where is this place?

Laura said...

I LOVE the Book Thing!! The best part about it to me is that you can take them home, keep them for as long as you want (even forever), and then take them back when you're done. So 40+ books is no problem - just take some back when you don't want them anymore. The perfect kind of library!!