Kite Flying

Grandpa recently introduced Papillon to the joys of kite flying.
And Papillon loves it! "Run, Grandpa, Run" she yells as they try and get the kite up in the air.
She helps unwind / rewind the string.

She frequently talks about her kite flying adventures when we are home.  She will hold a blanket over her head and run around the room stating very loudly.  "I fly. Kite. I flying".

This video pretty much sums up the fun.  Its hard to hear what she is saying, but pay close attention, because it is downright adorable!


Thomas said...

The kite is coming to Presque Isle!

Eliz. K said...

I love her little arms swinging! So much fun!!

aestivasomniare said...

Do I really have to wait 3 weeks to see you all?!? I can't wait to play - we can go fly a kite on the beach!

Lola Storm said...