Crazy Times, Crazy Blessings

 Some times life gets crazy. This week would be one of those times.
  Mon Amour has been out of town - he left less than 36 hours after getting home from vacation.  
The girls have been sick (pink eye and and ear infection). 
I lost my voice (tis really really hard to parent a toddler without a voice...). 
And my wonderful grandfather passed away. 

Papillon's eyes are fairly indicative of how this week has gone.
 She looked 100% healthy at lunch....then this was at about 8pm....yeah, it got real bad real fast.

And yet, despite all this, there are so many things to be thankful for. So. many. things. 
  • Medicine that made the pink eye disappear almost as fast as it appeared. 
  • A child who had no problems taking her "eye" medicine, or her "pink medicine" (amoxcicillin). 
  • My mom who lives close enough to help me take the girls to urgent care
  • My husband who has a job - be may be gone a lot these days, we are very grateful for his job. 
  • A voice that has returned
  • Wonderful hospice care and other support people who made things as easy as they could be at a time like this
  • A quiet conclusion to a good life, surrounded by family. 

Life is crazy. God is good. 

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Adrian and Meredith said...

So sorry about your grandfather, love. Glad you have family so close so you didn't have to face it alone. Miss you!