Some time ago, we had some friends over for dinner. They have a little boy very close to Hibou's age. Eventually he and Hibou will be friends. But for now, the babies slept, and Papillon made friends with the grown ups. 

It was a hilarious night of entertainment with Papillon. Once she got comfortable she had our friends reading her books, playing hide and go seek (a hilarious version in which Papillon didn't actually hide, but our friend would pretend not to see her and ask "Where is Papillon, is she behind the curtain?" and Papillon, standing right next to him, would say "No".  And repeat. Absolutely hilarious!), and doing acrobatics (like standing on her below)

Papillon loved all the acrobatics - she got swung around by her arms, and danced about and such.  When our friend actually flipped her upside down and held her by her ankles though, it was one adventure too far. Her little eyes got sooooo wide!  It was precious.
Thanks to our friends for the fun evening!  (that took place back in May...yes, still behind on blogging)

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