An Erie Graduation: Abridged

First, an apology. An apology to this trip. Which was totally fabulous, but which will not get its due blog-time.  I am just waaay too far behind in blogging to give this event the time it deserves.  Too many blog-able things keep happening. And so, for the sake of more recent blog-worthy events, this trip must be presented in only the most abridged version. 

Here we go:

At the beginning of May, Mon Amour and I packed up the girls for a little weekend trip to see my "little" brother graduate from college.  (He is 6+ feet tall and a college graduate...but he is still my "little" brother)

Essential parts of our trip included...

Lots of fun food such as milkshakes (that taste better when shared with Grandpa) 

fizzly beverages...

...more milkshakes...

...curly fries...

...another milkshake for good measure...
...and a milk coma for Hibou.

And of course, at one point during the weekend, there was the main event...the graduation! 

Graduations are generally tortuous events for everyone. I am not saying thatthey are not an appropriate way to celebrate the accomplishment of graduating, and I am definitely not encouraging anyone to skip your graduation ceremony says  - your mother will tell you that you will regret not going if you skip it...its probably true, so go, graduate with all the pomp and all the speakers and all the listening to other people's names be read! 

All that to say, we were prepared for the worst: two tiny children, one hot auditorium, a few too many speakers in the program and a couple hundred names to read through in the middle of the evening is pretty much a recipe for disaster.  See how tired Papillon looks before we even get started? 
But guess what!  Little Brother's College deserves an award for this ceremony!  Such a great balance of formal ceremony, casual enjoyable-ness, and spectacular efficiency!   Speakers were short, sweet and to the point, name-readers flew through the names and we were out of there before anyone could have a melt down. Less than 2 hours, all told, I believe. 

Leaving just enough time for a few congratulatory photos before the girls desperately needed to sleep. 

Congrats Little Brother!

Another highlight of the trip was the beach.  It wasn't exactly beach weather, but that doesn't mean you can't sit on a picnic blanket in the sand and have a fun time. 

Papillon did NOT want her toes to touch the icky she stayed on the blanket

Hibou did not want bright sunlight in her she slept. 

Papillon helped provide the tunes courtesy of  Aunt Mimi's phone. 

Our 2nd visit to the beach was quite windy - armed with sand-protective-footwear (aka socks) Papillon collected quite a few rocks (which Grandpa dutifully carried for her)

Hibou required more than just socks to protect her from the wind and sand...yes, she's in there somewhere, and no, I am not smothering her. Just keeping the wind away. 
There was also much kite flying on this particular windy day. But I forgot to add any pictures of I said, I am definitely not doing this trip justice. But...on to even more adventures!

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