Fancy Baby Shower

I recently attended a Baby Shower for a dear friend. We have been friends for a very long in, since before we were born! (our moms were friends and we are only about a month apart).

As a fun comparison, almost exactly 2 years before, this good friend attended my baby shower. See here and compare the picture of me and my two friends in that photo and me and my two friends in the photo below.
Voila, the three of us!

It was a rather formal event, so Hibou got all dressed up for the occasion. 

And, along with Nana, chatted with the other ladies at the shower.

Check out these cool straws and fancy beverages!

And the dessert....lemon mousse that was both delicious and adorable.

And the butter, complete with real flowers in it. 

Apologies that I have included more pictures of food items than people. Sometimes that just happens I suppose. But it was a very fun time and I can't wait to meet the new little one when he/she makes his/her arrival in July!

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Adrian and Meredith said...

O.M.G. I have always wanted an excuse to have a garden party, and this is a great one! Now if I only knew someone who was pregnant... darn.