4 kids + 3 dogs = tons of fun

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I found myself with a pretty full house. In addition to my two sweet girls and my one energetic pup, I added two more kiddos and two more (much bigger!) dogs. 

2 Labs. 
1 Beagle. 
4 kids, ages 3.5, 2.5, 1.5, and almost 1. 

And just one me.  All day.  I was excited, but also anxious. And that morning, before the mayhem began, I said a little prayer that I would be ok with getting nothing done other than supervising the fun. 

Turns out, though, it's true what they say. Adding a few more kids doesn't neccesarily add more work, in fact, it may even make it easier cause the kids can entertain themselves.   The day could not have gone any smoother!  

We watched a little Sesame Street.

Ate a little lunch.

Had some snack.

Made some granola.

Played "getting married". 

Side note:  At one point, Papillon's friend came to find me, with something very important on her mind.  
"Does God say you cannot marry a girl?" she says. 
Taken aback, I respond, "Well, yes. If you are a girl, God says you may not marry a girl"
"Well, God says you can't marry a girl, and Papillon wants to get married!" 

*scandalous!* haha

Her solution:  "I'm just gonna marry J." (her brother)


It was such a good day. And such a huge blessing that it went soooo well! It was a ton of fun. Very productive. And at the end of the day, I felt hugely accomplished, but also hugely blessed.

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