Papillon's Duck Masterpiece

For Christmas this year, Papillon got a make-your-own-Rubber-Duckie kit.  Initially I was going to wait a little bit before letting her paint it, figuring that 2.5 years was far too few to do justice to such an amazing art project.  But, one night, it just seemed like a duck-painting kind of night and so we went at it. 

We gently suggested to Papillon that she paint the whole thing yellow, and then decorate it. She took step one very seriously.

And was determined to get the whole thing yellow.

So focused!

Then is was time for customizing. Some spots here. Some green eyes (to match Papillon's, she said!). Some white stripes. Etc.

Tada! The finished product.
She was so pleased with her work. This was a number of weeks ago, and she still recounts in great detail the time she "painted the duckie"

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