Cold Day Trip

Earlier this month we met up with Mon Amour's parents in a nearby little city that has a great little downtown to walk around. was FREEZING!  It was a good time nonetheless. We popped into a few cool places to warm up. 

First there was yummy lunch. 

This is Hibou's "smile for the camera" face. No joke. I love it.

And Hibou loves french fries. Yum!

And of course, cheerios. Can't go any where without the cheerios.

Then we walked around a bit more, before needing to thaw out again with some coffee. Or, in Papillon's case...a milkshake! Counter intuitive, but delicious!



Fun times all around!

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Laura said...

Alaskans do eat the most ice cream, per capita, of any state. So Papillon might be onto something! :)