Hibou: 11 Months

Last week, Hibou turned 11 months. Almost 1 year old!!

Some comparison posts - here she is at 10 months. And here is Papillon at 11 months.

I don't know how much she weighs, but I feel like she has had a serious growth spurt lately. We jumped up in clothes - she still fits in 9 mos, but is starting to fill out some 12 mos too - and she just feels much more solid.

At 11 most Hibou...

....goes to bed around 7:30 and gets up around 7:30.  HUZZAH! She sleeps through the night. All the way. Uninterrupted. Usually, that is.  Not 100% consistent yet. But definitely most of the time.

...takes 1 or 2 naps per day. If we are home all day, its 1 quick nap and 1 longish nap. If the morning is packed full of fun, it's just one long afternoon nap.

...nurses 3 or 4 times a day. Yeah, that dropped off fast. If you asked me last month, I would have said we were gonna be nursing for months and months longer - we were nursing all the time. Then we cut out nighttime snacks, and suddenly day time snacking slowed down a lot too. It's cool though, we'll definitely make it to a year which was my goal, and I'm not in a rush to quite after that. So we'll see what happens.

...eats 3 meals a day, plus a snack. Favorite foods are cheerios, crackers, pancakes (yes, she's a carb-avore!) avacados, sweet potatoes, oranges.

...is still "almost crawling". She can turn herself around in any direction. She can scootch lots. Usually backwards. Occasionally forwards. She will pull herself up onto her knees occasionally, but not all the way to standing yet. Still not officially crawling....any day now would be great kiddo :-)

...still just 4 teeth. 2 on top, 2 on bottom. That's it.

... does a few baby signs. Not a lot, cause I haven't taught her a lot. But she will sign "more" and she understands it when I sign "all done".

...loves people. She loves to be in a crowd and watching the goings ons.  For our 11 month photo shoot, we had a little company. Which made for extra fun.



Ok, maybe a little too much squish.

Being offered two bottles at once. So many little moms!

....is still my sweet prankster. She will hand you something, then pull it back, and laugh. And whenever she smiles, you can tell there is a lot more going on behind her smile than you can tell.

...get's her helmet off on TUESDAY!!! AHHH!!! So excited. Look at that round round head. Perfection in a skull. Or something. ha.


Happy 11 months, Hibou!!

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