A Little Bit of Bragging

These videos make me one proud mama. I love watching my kiddos learn and seeing how smart they are. I am not saying they are abnormally smart; but they definitely have their strengths. 

One of Papillon's strengths, it seems, is memorization. We started working on Bible verses and Catechism this year and she loves it!  She soaks it up. Not only can she do the answers to the Catechism, but she can ask me all the questions in the right order.

Hibou's strength is definitely imitating. She only has to see you do something once before she is copying it. As I said in her 1 year post, you give her a brush, she brushes her hair. Give her a shoe, she puts it on her foot. Give her a cereal bowl, she "drinks" it like her big sister likes to. Give her a phone, and well...it's adorable.

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