Hibou: 1 year

I am a bit behind, but Hibou turned 1 last Tuesday.  The weather last week has been very much like last year when she was born. Furious snow flurries one day. Sunny and warm the next day. Such fun! 

Here's the birthday girl with her tiny Dollie.

Here she is at 11 months (wow, did she still have her helmet on!). And for fun, here is Papillon at 12 months.

At her one year appointment she weighed in at 18lbs 6oz.  Not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but a full 10oz bigger than her sister at this age.  I would have guessed they were a little closer in weight, until I looked back at the pictures of Papillon - I think they are the same height (28inches give or take), but Hibou has some pudge to her! Her little belly overwhelms her little pants waist.  Papillon had no no pudge to speak of. There in lies the 11oz difference. 

At 12 months, Hibou...

...goes to bed around 7:30 and gets up between 6:30 and 7am. 

...generally takes 1 solid (1.5-2hour) nap, and one quick cat nap. 

...loves to eat crackers, bread, cereal, all those good carbs.  Also enjoys fruits and loves yogurt. And anything sweet. Dislikes veggies and meat. And detests cheese. I've tried to trick her into liking cheese, but she is very determined to avoid it. I made her a melty delicious grilled cheese, figuring her love of bread would win out over her hatred of cheese. She took a bite, ate the bread, spat out the cheese. 

...nurses 3-4 times a day. 

...has 4 teeth, with one or two more slowly starting to peek out. 


....uses the sign for "more" proficiently. We haven't really tried to teach her any others. 

...loves to read books like her sister does. She prefers non-boardbooks, and does a very good job turning pages carefully and staring at each page astutely. 

...has learned the 'appropriate' response to "how big are you?". She'll even stop mid-crawl and do it with one hand. Then laugh, embarrassed.


...is still best buds with Papillon. They are seriously the best playmates ever.  They can entertain each other for a couple hours. Its glorious.


....she is a generally super-happy kid.  Giggles, acts like a goofball. She still always looks like her little mind is turning over in her head, a joke that only she knows.


....she doesn't say any words. But I like to think she's pretty smart. You give her a hairbrush and she brushes her hair. You give her a sock or shoe, she sets it on her foot. You give her a hairbow, she tries to stick it to her head. Give her a hat, she puts it on her head. Give her some food you have just blown on, and she puckers up and blows on it. She's observant, and a quick study.


...crawls pretty adeptly. Though it is still slightly peg-legged. It looks kind of like this:

....has started to show a little interested in pulling-up/standing. But I think we are still a ways away from walking.


...loves to brush her teeth. Like whoa. She is very happy and laid back. But when she has an opinion, she will let you know. And her fair skin gets super red super fast when she is angry.  Teeth-brushing (and raisin snacks) is one of those things she is very opinionated about. Heaven help you if you let her see her toothbrush without intending to let her "brush"

It's funny how different 1 year old looks when its your youngest, not your oldest. Hibou is growing, for sure, but she still seems like a baby to me. Papillon, at this age, seemed all grown up to me. Perspective is a crazy thing.


Happy Birthday, Hibou. 
It's been a fun fun year! We love you so much!

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