34 Weeks with Baby Boy

Since I've been a blog-slacker for a number of months now, I don't think tha I've even made it blog official that this kid is a Boy. So there you have it, it's a boy. He doesn't have a blog name yet. That wil come later I suppose.

I just past the 34 week mark and I am ready to be done with being pregnant. This is a new feeling for me (as in new to this pregnancy, not really new this week...impatience set in pretty early) With Papillon and Hibou, I was pretty content to let them come in their own time. Babies in-utero are easy to care for - no crying, pooping, and all that. And I knew they'd come when they were ready.

This time though, I am ready to have him here - crying, pooping, no-sleeping mess that he may be. You could blame the log winter. Or the current warm weather (it hits 80 and I melt!). But I suspect, in large part, it's because I've been pregnant for most of the past 15 months. Tis rather a long time to be anticipating a baby.  But I know this kind of wait is not unique to me, nor is it by any means the longest wait anyone has waited for a baby.  One thing that has come out of this long wait is a new found sympathy for others who are waiting; whether it's because of infertility, miscarriage, or even waiting for a spouse, the ache for a child to hold is very real and my heart goes out to them.

Otherwise, the biggest difference between past pregnancies and this one are really simply that everything is more intense. 

I gained a lot of weight with Papillon and Hibou. But I passed my previous full-term weight a while ago and I see no sign I that slowing down. 

I've had heartburn with my pregnancies before, but this time, I live on antacids. I've woke up once or twice with heartburn so bad I felt like vomiting. 

Round ligament pain, sore back, the waddling, the waking up every 45 mins at night to roll over and rearrange the pillows - all this is not new, but yikes! It's ferocious this time. I had a prenatal massage which was lovely, but we seem to be way past curing these aches. Having the chance to swim this past weekend was divine. 

All that said, though,  there are things I am loving even at this uncomfortable, impatient stage. 

I love how, when I lay down randomly, or grimace or sigh, both girls ask if the baby is kicking me.

I love how Papillon quietly moved her coloring to the other room so she wouldn't bother me today after I accidentally fell asleep on the couch.

I love how Hibou hugs my stomach seperately from the rest of me. And will occasionally ask if Baby is tired, hungry, kicking, etc

I love telling random folks at the store "it's a boy" and hearing their random comments about the differences between boys and girls.

I love all Baby Boy's movements. He moves all the time, but if I were to wager, I think he is fairly laid back. His movements are generally slow - lots of stretching and elbowing me and such.

Yup, I love it.

Just a few more weeks to go... 

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