Ice cream and friends

Last week we met some friends at a local ice cream place to celebrate the birthday of one of said friends.  The ice cream was delicious and the time with fiends was delightful. But of more significant note (to me at least) were two things about Papillon.

First- she was coloring a picture before we left (which she does all the time these days). And out of the blue she asks me "can I give this to the guy whose birthday it is?" She couldn't remember his name, but she definitely wanted to give him a picture-present. And so she did! 

Second - after we enjoyed our ice cream, all the kiddos played together. It was mostly baby/toddler age kids. There was one other "older" girl there, but Papillon had never really interacted before which would generally would make for a very hesitant interaction, at least at first. But nt this time! Either Papillon has suddenly gotten very brave, or her new friend is amazingly charismatic, or perhaps both. But they were instant friends! It was so cool to watch.

Here are a few post-icecream crazy faces.

Yum. Pistachio in a sprinkle cone!

Black cherry...also in a sprinkle cone.


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