7th Anniversary Trip

We just got back from celebrating our 7th anniversary (a little early, but the actual day is a little too close to my due date). 

By "got back" I mean we drove the 20 minutes back to our house from our hotel downtown. Yup, we stayed in town! It was Mon Amour's turn to plan the trip and he successfully kept his local plans a secret from me. Though I did have an inkling about the "main event"

The big surprise? A cooking class where we learned how to make some amazing Indian dishes (who knew lamb could be so tasty!! Also, if you find yourself visiting my house in the near future, you may find yourself eating some tasty naan!) followed by a relaxing overnight at a hotel in our own city. It had an indoor pool so my weary pregnant self was very happy. 

We managed to only take one picture of the entire weekend...and it's not even of us. It's a street performer we watched while eating some (majorly overpriced)  ice cream.

He's about to jump a flaming jump rope while balancing on a ball, in case you are wondering.

It was a wonderful weekend! Just goes to show you that you don't have to go far to have a wonderful time!

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