37 weeks - new things

This past Sunday was officially 37 weeks. Baby Boy is officially allowed to come whenever he wants. If he wanted to be as early as his sister (hint hint, Little Man) he would come tomorrow. 

With Hibou I wasn't anticipating or hoping she'd be early; it was a total surprise. But she set a bit of a presciident, and that, combined with my over all impatience of late has made me very anxious for his arrival. Sunday afternoon my motivation to do anything at all simply disappeared. I just want to have a baby. I just want to go into labor. Let's do this thing, already! 

So yes, in terms of new experiences, this terrible impatience is certainly one. I don't like it. I wish I weren't wishing these final weeks away. But I also seem to have lost the ability to veil my feelings, so my honest impatience just kind of flows out of me. Apologies to all those who must put up with my whiny self in person. 

In addition to the impatience, this pregnancy has brought with it quite a few new experiences, including;

-record weight gain. Blarg. My ankles swelled up a couple days ago; and I also discovered that not only do my rings not fit (haven't for a while) but I also can't get Mon Amours rings on anything but my pinkie. Double Blarg. But enough about that.

-an "outie". Probably because of the weight gain, but my belly button has definitely taken on a new shape for the first time.

-pregnancy induced carpal tunnel. I didn't know that was possible but it started about two weeks ago with 2 stif fingers. I figured I just used them funny and sprained them. Then the next day, it was my whole hand; the day after, it was both hands. Now my hands are routinely tingly and 'asleep' when I wake up and they are perpetually stiff. Seems this is a fairly normal pregnancy symptom. Who knew. 

-snoring. This is actually not new; I snored at the end of my pregnancy with Hibou. But if you ask Mon Amour, he would attest that the snoring has achieved a whole new level.

Not all the new experiences are unpleasant though. Possibly one of the coolest parts of this pregnancy is how interactive Baby Boy is. I don't remember ever doing this with the girls or even being confident that I knew exactly how they were situated in side me. But this Little Boy is decidedly head down, with his back and bottom on my right hand side. This means pretty much all the kicking and punching is on my left. The fun part though is that when he stretches, and his back is pushing against my side, I can tickle him. I run my finger down his spine and I can decidedly feel him shiver and stretch in response. It never gets old! I love this kid!

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Eliz. K said...

Hooray! Glad to read this update-- I've been wondering how all is going :-)

Question-- bellybutton. So, mine "popped" by 4 months I think. Earrrrrly on for sure! The variety in pregnancy is so cool and exciting