Papillon's 4th birthday

Papillon turns 4 next week. But we celebrated this past Monday with a little Princess Party. Around Hibou's birthday, papillon had thought she wanted a train themed party. But as the day grew nearer, she decided that a princess party was the only way to go.

We started with a little coloring craft because papillon loves to color.

We hung out with some fun friends!

Played outside in the gorgeous weather, playing on the slide and in the pool, and eating some tasty snacks.

Then it was cake time! A good friend made 13 princess cakes for the occasion!  Every guest got half a princess, and every guest under 6 years old had to think really really hard about exactly which princess thy wanted - it was obviously a big decision!

Papillon has found a friend who is as meticulous about coloring as she is; so after the party they had a little more coloring time.

Happy 4th Birthday, Papillon!

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