Little man

Eventually I will get around to writing up a birth story. But for now, a few facts and some pictures.

Triton Jaune (his blog name, clearly. It means yellow newt! Ha) was born July 15, 8:41 pm, weighing 9lbs 11oz.

He's 2 weeks today and we all love him to pieces.

So far (everything about newborn "habits" should be prefaced this way since he's still so new and anything that happens more than once seems "habitual" but could very well change tomorrow)...

...he loves to eat...and yet somehow is not gaining weight. As of yesterday he was just 9lbs 1oz, not up to his birth weight like we want. Which is just odd to me; all signs indicate a champion eater. He latched on moments after being born. He's happy when he's awake. He sleeps well at night. And we have no latch or let down problems. He prefers the right side, but that hardly seems problematic enough to explain his lack of growth. The doctor is not too concerned, jus said to feed him lots and we'll check his weight again next week.  It seems even when they start out huge, my kids are not destined to be chubby. 

...he's a wonderful sleeper (for a newborn of course). He has a fairly consistent 5ish hour long stretch (which now I have to interrupt to make sure he's not getting too hungry) at night and sometimes a second 3 hour long stretch right after. generally very chill when he's awake. loved to bits by his sisters. They are constantly asking to hold him, hug him, give him kisses, etc. and for the most part they are very gentle with him. They interpret his crying for me, using their best baby-voice to say things like, "he says, 'I need some breakfast,mommy'l
Papillon doesn't like it whenhe cries and insists that I intervene at even the slightest sad noise.
In terms of their adjustment it's been pretty smooth. Napping has become a battle and Hibou fights bedtime as well. But considering what a big change a new baby is, I'd say they are doing great! already growing up to fast. Two weeks in and I find myself getting nostalgic for those precious first couple days where my tired, achey body kept me from doing anything but sitting and enjoying my Little Dude. Things are hardly back to full swing, but they are busier than they were two weeks ago which is a good thing that I am also enjoying but time is really rushing by. 

I think this is my favorite picture of Triton to date.


Laura said...

That last picture is awesome!! We'll be praying for that guy to keeping putting on those ounces!

Eliz. K said...

I know you have experience ;-) but if its consolation, my little guy didn't get back up to birthweight in those first two weeks, as they were hoping, but then took off sometime after that...

So good to hear everything!!!! Can't wait for more! Congratulations!! :-)