Exploring our City

Yesterday, instead of siting around waiting for Baby to arrive, or trying to accomplish more things off of the pre-baby checklist, we decided to have a few adventures in this city we call home.  

Our adventures began at the Science Center. And if course the first thing we did there was dig for dinosaur bones. 

Then Hibou learned a bit about how lungs work...

And papillon drew a self portrait for the How am I Growing station.

We all very much enjoyed the paper cup tower building station. Papillon caught on pretty quickly to how it worked.

Hibou was quite proud of her self for no if cups from one tower to the next! 

Mon Amour made a pretty impressive tower!

Then we did a little spin art.

Then we headed outside and paid an impromptu visit to the fountains by the harbor. This was a blast! Papillon was fairly adept at avoiding getting squirted directly, so she remained manageably dry.

Hibou was surprised on a number of times by a sudden spurt of water in her face and all over. She was soaked!

Just for kicks we ended our day with a stop at Wegman's (we needed a car nap after all that fun, so we drove a little more than we needed to) It was a quite an experience!! A lot to take in for those of us who primarily shop at Aldi!

Such a fun day!

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